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9/04/2019 5:36 am  #1

Card for Evolution....'Night of Champions'!! from the UK

*The scene opens looking at a door with the word 'Prez' on it. The door opens and the camera follows in and we see Davie J sitting at the desk of the Prez at EIWF HQ in conversation on the phone. Davie notices the camera and waves them in and holds a finger up to signal one minute*

Davie - That's great to hear, I'm glad they have the pain under control. Don't you worry about a thing. It's all going well here, don't you worry about a thing. What have I got planned, a night of champions.....yes....why thank you...….what matches? Well I am yet to announce the card but all the top titles will be on the line. Yep The Legends title, the tag team title......the FTE title...… I had to give it official recognition...….that's the titles on the line....The Genesis title, no its not on the show. Why? Well I didn't want to give you any stress while you have been in hospital but Ellis has been a should I put this....'difficult'...….I know, yes it is a disappointment. Look I will send you an email with some clips. But basically, I tried to push him as a top star as you saw the potential, and believe me I tried. I built a whole show based around him and his title. Yep the Power Hour show, I gave him the plat form to work on and as your see from the video clip I have just sent you.....

*Davie emails over a clip of Ellis Blacks latest promo, it repeats the following part*

"giving up my title"

*He emails another part of the promo that repeats the same part over*

"relinquish my title back to the EIWF"

Davie - Yes, I agree, totally unprofessional Revo. Look I tried to build him up, I offered him a chance to fight me, I thought it could of main evented a pay per view but he declined. Then I give him a show built around him and his title and he says he wants to vacate it. Then after I offered to wrestle him he first refused. When I pointed out what a coward he is he offers to face me at Final Conflict, that's right that pay per view is months away. Its another tactic to side step facing Davie J in the ring. No I haven't accepted his announcement of dropping the belt.....I understand what your most instances I would have accepted the belt back and sent him packing. But I have my own ideas how to make him pay, yes leave it to me. Don't you worry about a thing. As I said there will be three title matches on the next Evolution show, titles defended by champions who want to wear the gold of the EIWF. SO now you understand why I had to recognise the FTE title? Ah that's good, see we do think alike! Look you rest up, everything is under control here. Will catch up soon...…..

*Davie puts the phone down and has a big grin on his face, he turns to the camera*

Davie - Sorry about that, fans the ICON here with a big announcement for the card for Night of Champions. I've just been on the phone with the boss, Revolution! He's making steady albeit slow progress but he is on the road to recovery. Now lets talk about the upcoming schedule. For the foreseeable future, I am in charge! Just until Revolution is back on his feet of course. The EIWF world tour continues and next we are in the UK, the 'Night of champions' special of Evolution will be held at Wembley arena in London. Our next three pay per views will be entitled Unholy Alliance, Life Support and THEN Final Conflict. You will notice I emphasised that Final Conflict at the end there, as it is quite some time away. Which is probably why Ellis chose that show to say he would face me. Ellis the court jester doesn't get to tell the king when and where! However I don't want to dwell on the chump any longer, lets get to the real respected champions of the EIWF who will be at Night of Champions defending their titles.

I want to say that Night of champions is about recognition and opportunity!!! You see I have decided to reward those who have worked hard. So for the tag team titles, the champions the Hero and Maestro connection will defend the titles to two men who deserve a shot at the gold for their constant hard work. That's Johnny Blitz and Jimmy Brandon! Well done guys on your continued hard work since you were promoted from the Power Plant. The FTE title, double shift for the Anti Hero.....but if he wants to say he's the best he needs to prove it and step up. His opponent will be someone who hasn't been given the chance he should of had. Someone who has unrealized potential because he was held back by politics, someone who should of been one of the top stars of the EIWF.....a man who I haven't seen eye to eye with over the years......a man I traded the XCWA title with and a man who I probably didn't show enough respect to. Yes Suicide will get the chance he deserves. He will take on L double E for the FTE title, the very belt that use to be the EIWF World title. I'm righting a few wrongs in the EIWF and this is perhaps the biggest wrong that there was. Whether Suicide succeeds or fails is up to him, but it was wrong that he wasn't give n the chance.

Lastly, the Legends title, held by yours truly. Now this is about opportunity. I am throwing out an open title challenge to the following wrestlers who signed up to the EIWF and left for whatever reason. Its there chance to have a shot at the big time, a shot at the EIWF Legends title against Davie J. If you want a chance to main event in the EIWF against a champion who is also in the hall of fame, now is your chance. Obviously I'm not saying your going to win, obviously I'm confident. But.....but it's a chance to throw yourself in at the top spot of the EIWF. So this is your opportunity...……..Kenny Omega...……Fethdar.......…….Keg...…….....Fethdar………….Fizz...……………...Richard...………..Rick Rage...……………..Wasabi...…………………..Seth Freeman...…...this is your golden ticket straight to the chocolate factory. No need to work your way up....if you want this title shot...…….get yourself in the EIWF and show me what you got on the mic. Lets hear you mix it up with the ICON....or as I suspect, are you bunch of sad sac's just too pathetic to accept the challenge......the challenge of proving your worthy of stepping in the ring with the greatest of all time, the Franchise of the EIWF.....the ICON...….

If none of you do take the opportunity of a life time, I will simply grant the title match to someone else on the night. So everyone else who is not booked on the card, bring your wrestling gear to the might find you have a title match! Now that's how you book a show and this is how you run a company!!!!

*Davie leans back in his chair and lights a cigar as the cameraman exits the room and the picture cuts*


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